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Fav combo

Fav combo

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Which one is your fav COMBO to keep your skin happy?


Morning Zen / coenzyme Q10 & plankton extract 

Skin type: all skin types, including combination

Rise and shine!

Wake up to greet the new day with a fresh face. Thin, lightweight and fast absorbing, this organic face serum preps skin for the application of cosmetics. Apply a layer before putting on your makeup to smooth out bumps, even the skin tone and lock in hydration. Rich in essential fatty acids, Plankton extract helps repair damaged skin cells and rebuild weakened tissue to prevent loss of elasticity. Shown to stimulate the production of collagen, CoenzymeQ10 supports smoothing and softening to give skin a supple touch. Barbary fig, Pomegranate, Sacha Inchi, Buriti oil and Raspberry complete the nutritional profile of our Morning Zen skin serum, with naturally occurring SPF12 sun protection.

Timeless / toning & lifting serum

Skin type: all skin types including combination skin

Pure skin food!

Aging skin requires proper nutrition. Teeming with omega fatty acids and abundant in antioxidants, this organic anti-aging face serum employs the powers of nature's best beauty oils and purest extracts to firm, soften, smooth and plump saggy skin. Apply the toning serum daily to stave off wrinkling, sagging, drooping and loss of elasticity. Camellia rejuvenates and revitalizes by sealing in hydration, while active botanical Acmella extract and Immortelle essential oil supply the building blocks needed to reconstruct damaged cellular structures. Mullein oil lifts and firms to support a contouring effect, while Chia and Pumpkin balance the complexion by replenishing skin with zinc, omegas, vitamin B3 and magnesium.

Supreme / super fruit antioxidant

Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin, skin with large pores

Amazing antioxidant powerhouse!

Formulated to replenish skin with nourishment, our super-fruit skin serum reigns supreme when it comes to restoring elasticity, firmness, softness and suppleness. Loaded with vitamins in their purest forms, the healing blend harbours powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe problem skin, reduce redness and smooth out an uneven tone. Brimming full of omega fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants, the formidable formula of this organic face serum puts the spotlight on the rejuvenating qualities of Acai berry, Bilberry, Raspberry and Black currant extract. Recommended for those with sensitive skin, oily skin or large pores, as it also contains a pure geranium essential oil to balance sebum production.

Vital / vitamin C & sea buckthorn

Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive

Your skin’s happiness!

Overflowing with essential nutrients, the formula of our Vitamin C face serum supports balanced nutrition for tired skin. Brightening, energizing, firming and deeply nourishing, the organic skincare blend combats dark spots, discolouration, sagging, wrinkling and dullness. Just one application leaves skin brighter, buttery soft, silky smooth, firm, supple and all aglow. Laden with pure vitamin C, this organic skin serum increases radiance to give the complexion a healthy glow. A potent source of vitamins C and E, Sea buckthorn extract further brightens and conditions the skin to reveal a more youthful appearance. Rosehip, Acai berry and Marula oils reduce redness, promote repair, and protect skin from pollutants.


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