Plant-based, truly organic approach to skincare

Our collection features organic high-performance oil-based serums for both men and women with all skin types – dry, mature, oily, combination, normal, acne-prone.


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Glow skin serums are cruelty-free skincare products meticulously crafted out of the finest raw form ingredients nature has to offer. Simple and straightforward, our formulas are 100% void of any harsh silicone, preservatives, toxins, alcohol or parabens.

An ethical brand with a clean conscience!

  • Amy

    Defo be recommending
    Best product I have used on my face and neck so fare! I've always had really bad dry skin on my face and neck for as long as I could remember and with using this product every other day for just a week I can see and feel such a difference! And for the little amount that you need each time this bottle will do me months! I'm so happy with this purchase and will defo be recommending to my friends and family! thank you so much xx

    Vital / vitamin C & sea buckthorn 
  • Andrea

    Amazing product.

    I love the superfruit antioxidant. I have been using this for a while now. I have noticed a big improvement in my skins appearance. My skin looks
    brighter, firmer and has a nice even tone. My skin is also a softer. It
    absorbs into the skin nicely and does not leave any sticky feeling or
    residue. I really do love this product. Highly recommended.

    Supreme / super fruit antioxidant 
  • Hollie

    My Favourite Skin Care Item!
    This serum is absolutely wonderful. I’ve used it on my under eyes, on
    healing tattoos and any problem areas of skin and it’s healed blemishes so well. It is my favourite product to use now and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. My partner has oily skin and was skeptical but after giving it a try it was amazing to see how it soaks in and brings their skin to life. A little goes a long way and I can’t wait to try some of their other products.

    Plantae / anti-wrinkle sea algae serum