Our Story


As a practising Bach flower therapist, vegetarian and skincare activist, I am an entrepreneur who wears many hats and juggles many roles. As a lifelong environmentalist and self-proclaimed conservationist driven by passion, I have taken it upon myself to design skincare solutions which are completely of the earth, and easy for women and men to incorporate into their daily lives. All personally handcrafted in small batches, my natural skincare products are carefully made with lots of love. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. This is a plant-based, truly organic approach to skincare, for beautifully flawless complexion.



Glow is a small artisanal skincare company dedicated to those who are fed up and frustrated with the disappointing selections offered by major brands. Having found that the big brand skincare products I once thought were clean and eco-friendly were actually full of synthetics and weighed down with silicone fillers, I began experimenting with my own natural blends. And to my surprise, the results were even better than I could have ever imagined, and faster than I could have ever hoped for. I initially created 4 specialty serums to satisfy my own fundamental skincare needs, but then expanded the collection so that there are now 8 blends that make up the Glow Skincare line. The broadened collection features naturally organic face serums for both men and women with all skin types – from dry and mature to oily and acne-prone. Glow Skincare was initially only sold at small artisan markets and local fairs, but is now available online for consumers around the globe to enjoy.



Glow skin serums are cruelty-free skincare products meticulously crafted out of the finest raw form ingredients nature has to offer. Simple and straightforward, our formulas are 100% void of any harsh silicone, preservatives, toxins, alcohol or parabens. Purity and potency are always the main factors considered when Glow skincare serums are produced. These blends are dermatologist approved, safe, proven effective and gentle on skin. As a healing practitioner I have immersed myself in various cultures around the world throughout the years, and have discovered the powers of plants, flowers and rare extracts which have often been overlooked. Now I hope to share my skincare secrets with the world in the hope of bringing to light the benefits of all natural, vegan, cruelty-free serums.



An ethical brand with a clean conscience, Glow is known for its commitment to sustainability and simplicity. Our facial serums are poured into solid glass containers and fitted with pumps for easy dispensing, down to the very last drop. Not only are the all glass bottles more reusable, environmentally friendly and easier to use; they have also been shown to extend the shelf life and protect the integrity of our serums. We go a step further and ship all serums in eco-friendly packaging made from sustainable materials in order to show how dedicated we are to conservation efforts. Shop Glow with peace of mind, knowing we practise what we preach. Glow is safe, sustainable skincare I have mastered after years of personal trials and extensive testing